[at-l] CCD & Beer

Bruce W. Calkins blackwolfe at charter.net
Mon Jun 2 09:09:38 CDT 2008

While I myself have no intrest in beer, CCD is a major concern.  Much of the 
flora I enjoy viewing as I hike is dependant on the Honey Bee, and 
subquantly the fauna that feeds on it.  The loss of the Honey Bee would 
affect my hiking and food choices both on and off the trail.

Black Wolfe
Bruce W.

>I know that this is off topic for hiking.  But I know that there are other
> beekeepers here and that there is some interest in CCD among other 
> members.
> Also, I think there is some interest in beer.
> So, here is a tidbit.
> dave 

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