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Linda Benschop athummingbird at dishmail.net
Wed Jun 4 17:06:28 CDT 2008

Sounds wonderful except for two things......the heat out there and those 
chiggers.  I learned, the hard way, not to sit on a mossy log.


bluetrail at aol.com wrote:
> I'll be out hiking the FT and picking up the party-ers cans and 
> bottles on the return of my yo-yo hike.  This will be in a state 
> forest 7 minutes from my house.  It's being loved to death, and is a 
> favorite spot of the party crowd.
> Hiking is helping with my Weight Watchers program .  Trying to hike at 
> least an hour 5 days a week; down 31.4 lbs!!!!  Ya-hoooo!
> Interesting things seen in the last 2.5 mo.: 
> lots of deer; 
> constellations of chiggers dug into my ankles, behind my 
> knees, beneath my underwear, etc.:
> pitcher plants in bloom;
> rare (in Florida) lupine in bloom;
> old homestead grapefruit trees (took home the grapefruit and made 
> salty dogs (dip glass in grapefruit juice, then in margarita salt.  
> Fill glass with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, ice,, and a shot of 
> gin)); 
> a fast-moving gopher tortoise who couldn't seem to find his burrow 
> even when he was circling all around it;
> lots of little seed ticks and a few larger ticks feasting on me;
> tons of armadillos;
> sandhill cranes with their babies;
> zebra-longwing butterflies (8-10 of them) flying in a little cloud 
> before settling onto a dead shrub for the night
> Having a great time,
> Joan
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> (Sorry for the cross posting)
> Hey all..just a reminder, it is National Trails Day this Saturday.  If you have 
> the time, taking part in a trail project would be great thing
> for any lover of the outdoors to do. If you do not live near a long distance 
> hiking trail, I am sure there is an open space area, a city park,
> local nature preserve, etc. that would love a hand. 
> The American Hiking Society has a great website that list some events in various 
> states:
> http://www.americanhiking.org/NTD.aspx
> Other places for finding an event:
> http://www.rei.com/trailsday
> http://snipurl.com/2c3wa
> All events aren't listed, but the links  do give a good starting place. As 
> mentioned, many local orgs have events that may not even be on the first lists 
> (I'm doing a Colorado Trail project that is not listed, for example).
> So here's a chance to enjoy a pretty area, do something rewarding and get good 
> hiking karma by leaving a trace. :)
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