[at-l] Hiking the AT using a car

Steve Landis s.landis at comcast.net
Mon Jun 9 20:48:51 CDT 2008

... and because no one has said this yet - Hey, Curtis is back!  Long 
time no hear. Welcome back friend.  Uh, there is only one Curtis Balls 


Curtis Balls wrote:
> I'm  looking for any information on how to assist a hike on the AT using 
> a car.  I don't mean car hiking.  I mean slackpacking without a support 
> team, just myself.  Is it possible?  I need to start out really, really 
> slow because of my knees and a weight issue that is a concern but not a 
> crisis.    Any ideas, articles, books, guides, leads, experiences would 
> be helpful.  Once I get my stamina back, I may loose the car.
> Thanks,
> Curtis

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