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I can't lay my hands on any of the 3 or 4 old Data Books I have (thanks to
the disruption of my current remodeling project) but don't they list all the
road crossings?

On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 11:50 PM, Linda Patton <lpatton at fsu.edu> wrote:

> The book has only 73 major AT road access points, so some are
> quite far apart.  As Pittsburgh could attest, a whole lot more than that
> exist.
> Just as a for-instance, the AT road crossing at Brown Gap, the one
> on Max Patch Road, the short walk from the parking lot up to the AT
> on Max Patch, the AT access at Lemon Gap, and the road at Garenflo
> Gap are not in there.  Just Davenport Gap off of I-40 at the south end
> of that section and then again at Hot Springs on the north end.  Big
> difference, and it's like that the entire length of the Trail.
> The five books in the "Exploring the Appalachian Trail" series are very
> good for finding the access points to the Trail, as they're written for
> people out to hike 'pieces' of the Trail.  So I would recommend them
> for rfinding oad access points. I've actually used them a LOT in my
> section-hiking days and loved them.  Hats off to the authors.
> It would take a huge book to list every access point.  Don't know if
> Pittsburgh has an actual list from the Slackpacking Tours days.  It
> would be a major chore to compile one.  Maybe something I should
> attempt when I can't do anything else?  Or something Pittsburgh
> could do and sell as a money-maker?  I wonder if anyone at ATC
> already has a compiled list?  (how about it Laurie P.?)
> ~~ eArThworm
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> > It has all of the road access points in it.  I think that it would be
> > EXTREMELY helpful in organizing a car self supporting thru.
> > Shelly Morgan
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