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A while back there was a day-hiker (never spent a night on the AT) who section 
hike the entire AT.

Think I remember a write-up in the ATC mag.


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Section hikers soon learn all kinds of sources for access points. We found
them, in the databook, on the maps, talking to locals, hiking at biennial
conferences with local experts, etc. None of them are complete. From the
maps you can see the road crossings but can't tell if there is parking near
there. In USFS land there are many road crossings on gated roads that you
can't get to other than a long walk from the gate. In my area there are road
crossings every 2-3 miles and you can probably find a place to get one car
off the road, but we make no mention of those in any publications. The
maintainers know where they are.


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I can't lay my hands on any of the 3 or 4 old Data Books I have (thanks to
the disruption of my current remodeling project) but don't they list all the
road crossings?

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The book has only 73 major AT road access points, so some are
quite far apart.  As Pittsburgh could attest, a whole lot more than that

Just as a for-instance, the AT road crossing at Brown Gap, the one
on Max Patch Road, the short walk from the parking lot up to the AT
on Max Patch, the AT access at Lemon Gap, and the road at Garenflo
Gap are not in there.  Just Davenport Gap off of I-40 at the south end
of that section and then again at Hot Springs on the north end.  Big
difference, and it's like that the entire length of the Trail.

The five books in the "Exploring the Appalachian Trail" series are very
good for finding the access points to the Trail, as they're written for
people out to hike 'pieces' of the Trail.  So I would recommend them
for rfinding oad access points. I've actually used them a LOT in my
section-hiking days and loved them.  Hats off to the authors.

It would take a huge book to list every access point.  Don't know if
Pittsburgh has an actual list from the Slackpacking Tours days.  It
would be a major chore to compile one.  Maybe something I should
attempt when I can't do anything else?  Or something Pittsburgh
could do and sell as a money-maker?  I wonder if anyone at ATC
already has a compiled list?  (how about it Laurie P.?)

~~ eArThworm

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> It has all of the road access points in it.  I think that it would be
> EXTREMELY helpful in organizing a car self supporting thru.
> Shelly Morgan
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Jim Bullard


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