[at-l] OrangeBug, summits Katahdin, learns of Mother's passing

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Thu Jun 12 07:38:53 CDT 2008

Long time at-l'er OrangeBug has posted this to WhiteBlaze:

just off mt k today. Yesterday was blazing hot as we dealt with the rock
climbs then clouded up in time for AT and to summit. Took the usual
pictures. Went down into hail wind and other nastiness. Got caught after
dark without headlamp and lost trail. I slept, so to speak, next to a rock
and tree as the skies totally opened up. Got up at 4:30 and found the
katahdin stream falls privy and made my way back. I was very wet and cold.

On the summit I got cell signal and learned my mother's death. I've headed
off back to millinocket and get home tomorrow night. The weather is gorgeous
now. Nice breezes. I was not impressed with the blackflies - more like
noseeims. Mosquitos are a problem if you aren't moving.

Certainly not my best trip.
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