[at-l] Pennsylvania mandates zoning in municipalities along Appalachian Trail

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Sat Jun 14 07:53:40 CDT 2008

We (myself in particular) derided the ATC for its turn to politics over the last generation, and "forgetting its mission". Well, the battle over the auto-sports park mentioned below was one of the biggies that drove much ATC activity, both legal (funding) and membership (fund raising). The ATC and related intervenors "lost the battle" as far as attempting to stop the auto-sports park, but with the passage of this law may have won a larger war.

While this victory is worth noting (and who, really, would've been in a better position to speak for and bring together the disparate coalition of individual townships to speak with force -- do they have something like the Indiana Association Of Cities And Towns? I don't know), I am still struck by the property-rights issues involved, and how something like Connecticut's legendary Lime Rock track would *never* have been built today-or-in-the-future, with an AT or an ATC in the mix. The real irony comes when you consider that the AT was moved *too* Lime Rock's immediate neighborhood, from a position actually *across* the Housatonic River..., just 10 or 15 years ago.

Bottom line? There are two, actually. The ATC's political militancy is not without benefit, nor without irony. The second bottom line, and lost in the sauce, is that while the AT seeks a wilderness experience, it savages the experience of the terrain and historical and cultural landscape through which it travels -- including something as seemingly removed as a new Pennsylvania track, versus a storied Connecticut track.

(who once spent an afternoon listening to the blurry cars at Lime Rock from the Appalachian Trail, across the Housatonic River...)

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Governor Ed Rendell signed it Wednesday

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