[at-l] Trail magic study?

Carla & Dave Hicks carla_dave_hicks at verizon.net
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Thanks Tom.

I had lost track.  I had found the wikipedia reference but missed the 
liberty.edu site w/ his email address.

I'll try getting in touch.


PS: I see on liberty.edu site that he did present the paper.  I'd love to see 
what he ended up with as there was so much "I've hiked the trail so I 
know...." -- the fact that others who also hike had different opinions 

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Yow -- an ultra-runner under the David Horton, no less...

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> Anyone heard what happened to Clark
> Zealand's study? Any findings published?
> Chainsaw
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> To all members of the trail community:
> I'm beginning an exciting new research project to study
> various elements of trail magic and how and why people engage in trail
> magic. From what I know of my time spent on the Appalachian Trail,... 

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