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Hello, RD.

I am able to get to a computer for the first time in about a dozen days here at the library in Marion.  The world seems to have gone right on without me, but I felt its absence as my water pipes broke in room after room this week.  (NO KIDDING!  Worst of all, it was my own damn fault.)

Hummingbird and Dutch Treat are having a repeat of their previous dinner which you attended a couple or so years ago.  Last night, when she called, she expressed sadness that you are not around to be there.  So, consider yourself invited with the one caveat that you would have to be in the vicinity to be there.  :-  )

Take care.  My new hard drive will arrive Monday or Tuesday from DELL.  Whether I will be able to install it myself remains to be seen (a scene?).


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(Wench, Tenacious Tanasi & Rosalind Suit - I never received sizes from you so I 
aven't made hats. Last chance for this year!)
Last Monday a box of hats was sent to Kincora. Bob should, by now have 12 hats 
o disperse among the needy and worthy hikers that will pass his place heading 
outhbound to Springer.
This morning I'm finishing up the 13 commission hats that you at-l folks have 
equested. If there are any last minute requests please let me know. I hope to 
eturn one of the machines to the owner in the next few days.
A mini-rant:
his year's project was made a little more difficult by lack of access to the 
ndustrial machines I've used in the past. I now have a very nice Viking that 
an do a lot but a serger is essential for these hats. The one I borrowed this 
ear was a problem. Making 25 hats required threading the damn beast 100 - 200 
imes, and there are 4 threads to check! I found, in the end, that the home 
achines of this type are meant to be driven very slowly, think .5 to 1 mph, 
nstead of 10 mph. Still there were adjustments to make: bent needles, damaged 
utter blade and poor feed dogs to deal with... The owner's going to be very 
appy to receive back a well tuned machine, when I borrowed it the lady said "I 
on't think it works".

rthur Gaudet
ockdancer97 at comcast.net
The vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true."
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