[at-l] 09 Data

Steve Landis s.landis at comcast.net
Mon Dec 7 09:41:13 CST 2009

Linda Patton wrote:
> Frank Looper wrote:
>>> Felix...writes his down somewhere besides the AT-L...
> Felix wrote: 
>> Actually, I don't write them down somewhere else. Just about every 
>> word I've ever written about my hike was written right here...
> Luckily (1) They're in the AT-L archives, I suppose...except I think 
> some years are missing from the archives?  and (2) some crazy 
> folx like me have saved them for posterity...or to sell on eBay when 
> he becomes famous)... 8~)  or to compile into a book and sell it 
> and become rich and famous myself.  8~O  [Once they're out there 
> on the interwebs, he loses all copyright rights, right?]

Is it too late to redact?

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