[at-l] Smokies sobo Dec 09 or Jan 08

Eddy ewker at yahoo.com
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Mountain Mommas closed last yr or earlier this yr.

 You can try Curtis at Standing Bear Farm. He is close by the AT across I-40 


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I've used 

mtn Mama's 828-486-5995


A walk in the woods 865-436-8283

not sure if the numbers are current or if they still shuttle.  But, both were great to work with.  They even cam and got me when I had to cut it short due to bad weather.    

cost:  for that long of a shuttle, expect over $100.  That is a long drive.  Mtn Mama's in right there at davenport gap.  

Also, I'd be curious if that rock slide on i40 has affected the exit 


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