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I can confirm that Rachel and Lou are NOT your average 70-year-olds.  Every winter they lead a series of winter day hikes that average about 10-12 miles/day.  They outwork 40-year-olds on work hikes.  They lead and organize both hikes and trailwork.  They spend every summer on the road in a motor home, often in Alaska, fishing.  For her 60th birthday, Rachel did 60 laps across Wekiva spings (about the length of an Olympic pool), canoed 60 miles (not in one day), backpacked 60 miles (not in one day), and biked 60 miles.  She did somewhat less on her 70th.   In the last few years they re-traced the route of Lewis & Clark, canoeing the route when possible.  She had a doctorate in physical education and her lifelong mission has been to prove that keeping physically active keeps you healthy, limber, and more fit than those who are not physically active.  She had both knees replaced about 2 years ago and is back to leading those day hikes.  


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That sounds more like a 70 year old sighted by a wolf. 
Black Wolfe 
Bruce W. 
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> You should probably hope for a little more than half. A wolf sighting 
> by a slow 70-year-old lady would likely lead to the rangers finding a 
> cane and a half-gnawed shoe. 
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>> I'm so jealous! I just hope I can be half as active in my 70's! 
>> Joan 
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