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I use the Odyssey which is essentially the same as the Quest, only bigger. I use it as a winter backpack. I find it comfortable & capable of carrying everything I need. I do have a friend who also has one & he used it for a recent 150 mile trip. The only problem he ran into was that the sleeping bag section at the bottom was not big enough to hold his synthetic bag. For winter camping I use two bags and the larger one did fit inside that part but the smaller one had to go in the main body.
Oh, one small problem. The separation between the main body & the bag section can be unbuttoned & is open at the edges & I found that stuff would slide from the main body into the bag section unless contained in a trash bag or other liner.

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Hey everyone!  As you know slowly but surely I'm going through gear decisions and trying to figure out what I can use and what I need to replace.  The process is moving forward and I appreciate all your insights.  Hey!  Has anyone used a GoLite Quest backpack?  It's an '09 closeout at REI, not sure if this has a men's version or is women's only.  
I also started my conditioning last week.  For now I'm trying to get out on 8+ mile hikes 3 days a week, and a couple of days a week on the treadmill as well.  My plan is to up the mileage and the time out of the house after New Years.  
Anyway, I was hiking Monday and I was thinking about conditioning and the times that people have pointed out to me that, once in physical shape, an AT thru hike is a head game.  
I believe that good gear can HELP me get to Katahdin but I fully understand that no gear in the world is going to do it for me. 
I believe even more strongly that being in the best condition I can possibly be in before I start will have a HUGE impact on me getting to Katahdin. 
So my question.  When people talk about the mental aspect, what exactly are they saying?  Stick to it ness?  Refusal to quit?  Optimistic attitude? And so on.  I'd love to hear all of your thoughts on what mental skills it takes to get to Katahdin.   And this may be a silly thought, but if you have any ideas on how to DEVELOP those pertinent mental skills I'd like to hear that too.  Conditioning for the brain?  Yep. 
I set the date.  3/15/10.  I'm walking to Maine. I appreciate your help.  
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