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Stories like this make me feel all warm and googly inside.

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Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 12:58:52 -0500

>I just got a package from my good friend Southpaw. It was probably the
most intensely-wrapped gift I've ever received. And, since it didn't say
>"Do not open until Christmas" on it, I opened it today.   It is a
wonderful picture frame with three pictures in it (it is made that way,
>you know).  The picture on the left is of me, taken 11/23/98 at the Hwy
311 crossing. I'm wearing my pack. The picture on the right is of Pilot
>and was taken about 12/20/98 at the Hwy 311 crossing. She is wearing her
pack. The picture in the middle is of me and Pilot, taken 9/27/09 on the
>summit of Bluff Mt. Pilot is wearing her wedding dress. I'm wearing a
shit-eatin' grin.

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