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Along with what others have already said, ENJOY it!  It's not a competition.  You don't get a raise or a bonus if you finish or get fired if you don't.  You're choosing to do it, and it's a helluva lot better than working!  Look for the good things.  Every day you will see lots of things you haven't seen before, and would NOT have seen if you hadn't chosen to hike the AT.  Have fun!  It IS fun!  

I found it helpful to celebrate the milestones.  Hotdog, Bearkat and I celebrated every 10 miles with a High Five until we were hundreds of miles into the hike.  Then Hotdog and I celebrated every 100 miles (and when it was under 1000, we celebrated every 100 on the countdown too).

Talk to the people you meet along the trail.  There are lots of interesting people on and near the trail.  Most of them VERY nice, helpful people!

As for the date you're starting...  why wait so long???  ;-)
3/1/03 Springer -->9/11/03 Katahdin
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  So my question.  When people talk about the mental aspect, what exactly are they saying?  Stick to it ness?  Refusal to quit?  Optimistic attitude? And so on.  I'd love to hear all of your thoughts on what mental skills it takes to get to Katahdin.   And this may be a silly thought, but if you have any ideas on how to DEVELOP those pertinent mental skills I'd like to hear that too.  Conditioning for the brain?  Yep. 

  I set the date.  3/15/10.  I'm walking to Maine. I appreciate your help.  
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