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Cody Girl codycodygirl at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 20:30:45 CST 2009

You all are AWESOME!  Whoa!

Yes, I read the Thru Hiking Papers and I thank Jim & Ginny very much for
taking the time to put all that info together.  It's where I first got an
inkling that maybe there's a little more to this than one foot in front of
the other.  While I'm coming clean here I can tell you I know that I will
miss my dogs terribly, hopefully knowing that I can prepare and work that
head game so that missing my dogs doesn't finish my hike for me.  I had not
really thought about that before.  They are already in training for good
behavior at other family members homes, and they don't like it one bit!

I wonder how many of the people that quit in the first few weeks do so
because they aren't in shape at all.  That's why I am working at this
conditioning thing, I don't want to be so miserable in the beginning that I
would rather quit than hike, but if I set off right now for Springer I can
tell you I would be miserable directly.  I need these workouts.  I'm trying
to reduce the breaking in period!  I'm no young pup.
Frank, what's a bench hiker?  Will they really give me beer?

And yes, the family stuff is already begun.  They want some specific time
tables from me.  Laughable, since I am clueless myself.

I so appreciate the way y'all approached this.  Good insights.  So Felix is
into fencing?  Good to know.

Thanks all!
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