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The mental aspect: ah, yes. It's easy said. You have to get to a place where
you want to get back to the trail more than you want to get back to

In my experience, where people get into trouble is in town--that's where the
reasons for not hiking on grow and loom (responsibilities to people at home,
desire to banish the grime, enjoyment of beer or pizza, avoidance of foot
pain, etc.). Maybe it's self-evident, but nobody quits while they're on the
trail: they quit once they get to town. But the trail is where all the
complicated stuff falls away, where it's just walking, and who's at the next
shelter, and the landscape you're moving through, and the transformation
that your body's going through. The point when I knew I was going to finish
was the point when I found myself feeling relief at having escaped town
again. I know it's anathema to mention it on this list, but that's why I
would hesitate to carry a cell phone--for me, the temptation to use it would
be too great while on the trail, and it would make it too easy to not leave
all the other stuff behind once I climbed the hill leading up from the road

Also, take it easy for the first couple of weeks, even if you feel you can
hike faster, and have people you want to keep up with. Resist the
temptation. Give your body time to get into the rhythm of the hike before
you start punishing it with goals and deadlines.

--Rhymin' Worm (GA-ME '97)

On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 10:06 AM, Cody Girl <codycodygirl at gmail.com> wrote:

> So my question.  When people talk about the mental aspect, what exactly are
> they saying?  Stick to it ness?  Refusal to quit?  Optimistic attitude? And
> so on.  I'd love to hear all of your thoughts on what mental skills it takes
> to get to Katahdin.   And this may be a silly thought, but if you have any
> ideas on how to DEVELOP those pertinent mental skills I'd like to hear that
> too.  Conditioning for the brain?  Yep.
> I set the date.  3/15/10.  I'm walking to Maine. I appreciate your help.
> CodyTheTortoise
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