[at-l] Smokies sobo Dec 09 or Jan 08

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Thu Dec 10 12:34:45 CST 2009

That is a good summary.

Having ridden with the Tenacious Tanasi driving,

I would not hesitate to let her shuttle me.

Black Wolfe

Bruce W.


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  Those who don't live and drive in the mountains are terrified when those of us who do drive normally in the mountains.  

  Tenacious Tanasi wrote: 
    JimB writ:  Nothing personal but remind me not to ride with you should the prospect ever come up. I don't need the adrenaline and I feel like I've pushed my luck as far as I should.

    LOL  Don't worry, Jim, iffin I ever do get the chance to shuttle you somewhere I promise to do all the speed limits. Honestly I am a very safe driver.  :)

    Though I do recall shuttling Long Haul down to Fontana Dam one time (from Miss Janet's house I think?), and I caught him using his Passenger Brake.  I did slow down a mite after that, but I couldn't hep but to giggle to myself.  :))
    Tenacious Tanasi 


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