[at-l] tuckerize help needed asap

Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Thu Dec 10 19:10:36 CST 2009

David Addleton wrote:
> I don't get it: how much does 3 liters of water weigh any way?
> 3L of water = 3kg
> 1L = 1kg = 2.2 lb. (us) x 3 = 6.6 lbs !!!!

Well, first of all, you won't need to carry three liters of water. I 
wouldn't carry more than one...and, that'll drop through the day.  The 
only time I'd have full bottles of water is at night at the 
shelter/camp. And, I'd leave first thing in the morning with one full 
one.  (Why 3??)  

> Tell me: is 31 lbs about right right, sans water? for 8 days winter
> hiking AT sobo in the GSMNP davenport to fontana?

That actually sounds pretty good to me.

> Is 11 lbs of food too much?

11 lbs. for 8 days DOESN'T SOUND LIKE ENOUGH!!! Especially in winter. 
I'd lean toward having an extra day's worth, too.  Especially in the 

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