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Well Jim, If it makes you feel good to think that you taught me that I had
to make my own choices for my own reasons. Truth is though, I learned that
long before I ever heard of you, AT-L. or even the AT.

As for the folks who don't think about what they're carrying and why, that
is why I tried to present both sides of the issue as choices, each having
their own rational. I got the sense from your response though that, in your
enthusiasm for and your attachment to minimalist hiking, you only read/heard
half of what I said. The half you disagreed with.

Jim Bullard

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 11:19 PM, Jim and_or Ginny Owen <
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>  JimB wrote:
> *Everyone has to make their own choices. It is called HYOH.*
> **
> That's a good line.  Should be - I taught it to you. * *
> It's also what I said - except that I also said - know WHY you're carrying
> what you're
> carrying.  And I just explained WHY we don't.  As always - YMMV
> Too many people have too many insupportable (thoughtless or - dare I use
> the word? -
> ignorant) reasons for WHY they're carrying what they're carrying.  That's
> why we spend
> our time tuckerizing packs at the Rucks.  We don't need to do that either -
> but some of
> those people do need it.  In the end, they still carry what THEY want to
> carry.  And I
> get to thank God that I'm not carrying their packs.
> Walk softly,
> Jim
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