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I wonder if a bamboo hiking staff could be turned into a dual-use item since
the segments are compartmentalized: drill a hole, fill with olive-oil,
fish-oil, cognac (not mixed together!), fashion a vibration-proof plug/cap
or pump-action dispenser for the hole, and get a good upper-body workout
sloshing along...I guess that the bamboo fibers would tend to absorb
liquids, so the insides would have to be coated with a food-safe barrier of
some sort...something tells me that someone in S. America may have already
worked out the logistics of this....

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> There was something about the sound of an aluminum pole meeting a bamboo
> shaft, echoing off through the woods...  Also, you may have been empathizing
> with Stoat's disdain for my meager footwear...  There were a lot of things
> about that hike that warranted a quick duel seemingly without provocation...
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> Jim Bullard wrote:
> > So Felix, You got something against bamboo?
> I DON'T KNOW!!!!  I don't know if it's bamboo, Cake, Cake and
> bamboo....I just don't know!   (Mmmmm....Cake and bamboo)
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