[at-l] hike prep

Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Fri Dec 11 11:25:21 CST 2009

Michael Henderson wrote:
> There was something about the sound of an aluminum pole meeting a bamboo shaft, echoing off through the woods...  Also, you may have been empathizing with Stoat's disdain for my meager footwear...  There were a lot of things about that hike that warranted a quick duel seemingly without provocation...

You and I did have some of the most unorthodox hiking staffs on the 
trail, didn't we?? That sound you speak of...it was nearly Pavlovian, 
wasn't it, the reaction it garnered. Like a beef roast hitting the floor 
in the middle of a cage of hungry Pit Bulls. The way your ankle popped 
like oak kindling leads me to wonder if perhaps Stoat was correct in his 
despisal of your sneaks....

en guard.... 

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