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Fri Dec 11 17:48:52 CST 2009

From: Amy Forinash <amy at forinash.net>

I love Jim and Ginny.  But I duck out when Jim gets that look in his  eye.  I'm not an arguer in person or online.


I generally only like to argue when anger is not involved. Like in a pub over ales.

When I'm mad, I say very awful things that I don't mean. I used to be friends with Camo Jack, but he'll never be able to trust me again.

Last time we argued on here, I said some things that I could not take back. No matter how sorry I am, it will never go back to like it was. The dumbest thing? Whatever it was about was so minor that I don't even remember what it was.

I was having a PTSD episode, but that's just no excuse. It usually takes Jan Lite to calm me down when I'm having all of them %¿¥# flashbacks. PTSD really sucks, BTW. :-(

Sorry for getting all serious. Some days are harder than others.

Yo Friend,
Ol' Crazy Frank

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