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Fri Dec 11 18:15:51 CST 2009

Jim Bullard wrote:
Well Jim, If it makes you feel good to think that you taught me that I had to make my own 

choices for my own reasons. Truth is though, I learned that long before I ever heard of you, 

AT-L. or even the AT. 



As for the folks who don't think about what they're carrying and why, that is why I tried to 

present both sides of the issue as choices, each having their own rational. I got the sense 

from your response though that, in your enthusiasm for and your attachment to minimalist 

hiking, you only read/heard half of what I said. The half you disagreed with. 
Hm - your side of the argument is the only one that normally gets aired.  My reasons rarely 

see the light of day.  What I find really strange is that you feel so threatened by my views 

that you feel it necessary to continue the conversation rather than allow it to die a natural 



Now, since I already said right up front that we lost the "war" just what are you arguing 

about?  If you want to argue about this (and you apparently do), I'd suggest that you find 

someone else to play with.   


Have a good day anyway,




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