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Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Fri Dec 11 18:59:11 CST 2009

David Addleton wrote:
> if you can't see any blazes, what are the best techniques for locating
> and staying on a trail covered with sneaux?

Sundown and I had a HUGE problem with this on our hike in February (the 
hike I never finished my trip report of).  The first night we were 
hiking in 8-10" deep snow that had been wind-blown to hide the Trail in 
a lot of places. There was also snow stuck to the trees...hiding blazes. 
One time we spent over 45 minutes trying to find the Trail. We even 
backtracked to the 'last blaze we saw' and still could find the Trail. 
One of us would stay put and the other would walk back and forth from 
right to left trying to find either a treadway or a  blaze. It was more 
annoying than anything. It was about 10 degrees and after 9 p.m.  It got 
REALLY cold that night at....Three Mile River? Something like that....

Anyway...enough of that trip report I'm not telling. First, the Trail in 
the Smokys should be fairly easy to follow even if there is snow. There 
are lots of places through there that there is no other place for the 
trail to be.  And, the treadway should be eroded/packed down enough that 
even if there is snow on/in it, you'll be able to tell where it is.  If 
you can't see blazes because of snow on trees...do what a southbounder 
usually has to do...turn around and look for blazes on the other side of 
the tree.  :-) 

Felix J. McGillicuddy
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