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This technique worked for me when i lost the trail on Saddleback in Oct. 1997, above treeline. The rocky ground & fresh snow made the 1-2 miles a very complicated problem but sweeping out arcs got me across the area no problem even in high winds & blowing snow. My arcs were no more than 45 degrees because I knew the general heading of the trail was forward along the ridge. So it helps to stay oriented & know from maps what the trail is supposed to do along the way. Having a compass would be a good insurance policy for this kind of travel.

Arthur Gaudet (RockDancer)
Honestly, Saddleback was hard enough in August! Like a slightly less-difficult Katahdin, but with a full pack instead of a day-pack. And no re-bar "handles" to help you. Probably a lot to do with the fact that I was fresh at Katahdin and tired at Saddleback. And the ever-present wind that year, of course!

Also, I might be talking about the wrong mountain. I think I mean Chairback. Anyway, one of the hardest in the vaguely 100-mile somewhat wilderness.

Does anyone remember the name of that big red creek that runs under the bridge at the first (gravel) road crossing going South? I needed water pretty bad, but not enough to drink tannin.

Fun times. Even with a foggy brain.

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