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> Honestly, Saddleback was hard enough in August! Like a slightly less-difficult Katahdin, but with a full pack instead of a day-pack. And no re-bar "handles" to help you. Probably a lot to do with the fact that I was fresh at Katahdin and tired at Saddleback. And the ever-present wind that year, of course!
> Also, I might be talking about the wrong mountain. I think I mean Chairback. Anyway, one of the hardest in the vaguely 100-mile somewhat wilderness.
> Does anyone remember the name of that big red creek that runs under the bridge at the first (gravel) road crossing going South? I needed water pretty bad, but not enough to drink tannin.

Yeah, Saddleback is one of the first real hard (hand over hand) climbs 
heading south. Saddleback isn't in the 100 Miles.  It's south of 
there...big , open rock with some type of old foundation on top. I've 
got a great pic of Patch on the summit:  
http://felixhikes.tripod.com/AT/triumph.jpg   and...  
http://felixhikes.tripod.com/AT/patch.jpg   and, to the north 
http://felixhikes.tripod.com/AT/sdlbk2.jpg  and, to the east  

As for the water...you may be thinkin' of the outlet for West Chairback 
Pond.  That's where Pokey and I camped that night. Great, secluded 
little place.  (ain't nothin' wrong with drinkin' tannin...)  

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