[at-l] Glue

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 17 14:44:42 CST 2009

--- On Fri, 12/11/09, giniajim <jplynch at crosslink.net> wrote:

> I need suggestions for the right kind of adhesive for some tasks:
> 1.  Old can coolers made into a pot cozy.
> 2.  Old wet suits similarly made into a pot cozy.
> 3.  Old inner tubes made into camp slippers.
> Thnx... 

### Less than what their use was is what their made from. For Ensolite and Neoprene, any fair quality "all-purpose" cement should do the trick well. I have also used a hot glue gun (melting a slightly-flexible plastic, remember) to good effect -- with the cozy(s) going hundreds of miles and looking fine. The inner tubes would probably do well with the all-purpose cement, perhaps less-so with the hot-glue gun, as the plastic "glue" is so much less flexible than the rubber, and hell, is not really a glue.


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