[at-l] Six Years Ago Today

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Sun Apr 4 20:16:13 CDT 2010

For me, it was 7 years ago today: 

4/4/03, Friday - Cold Spring Shelter 

We are packed in tonight. It has been raining and more is coming tonight. Nobody is real keen on packing a wet tent down to the N.O.C. tomorrow. I’m not sure why today was such a hard day for me but all day it was an effort to just get one sore foot in front of the other. I think I didn’t eat enough lunch. Breakfast was really good. Late last night Indiana Slim rolled into the shelter while he made himself some supper we devised a plan for breakfast. He had 3 powdered egg meals which he couldn’t fix because his stove burned his butter. I suggested cooking them on my little alcohol stove. From that point we started mixing and matching. Firefly (Leanna, later to be call Moonshadow) and Sprout added to the meal from their food bags and we had a meal that put Shoney’s breakfast bar to shame. Well, the bottoms of my stinky feet hurt so I’m going to put out the light and lay down. 


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