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Yes, nice neighbors indeed. It is easy to believe there are a great many good hearted folks in the world. The jerks always seem to be the ones who get all the press. Last summer I rode the Amtrak and made a story at the station in NYC for a 3 hour lay over. On visiting a sandwich shop, I got confused on how the orders were place, picked up and paid for. I must have looked like a hill billy from out of town because one of the employees was very kind in explaining the traffic flow. I'm sure there are jerks in NYC but I only came across nice people. 

As to yogiing, I suppose there has to be intent and a tiny ting of desperation behind the question to qualify. As for the folks who helped you, I have no way of knowing for sure but I suspect they are closet hikers.... or nice neighbors.   Hopeful 
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I am camped by a state park lake in an RV. Arrivng without anything 
cold after a long, very hot day I walked over to the first campers I 
saw and offered to buy anything cold to drink. They gave me a can of 
sprite with a cup of ice and would not accept my dollar. Is this 
yogiing or just a con? Nice neighbors. 

Chapel Hill, NC, USA 

In consistency is the key to victory 
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