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nightwalker.at at gmail.com wrote:
> The same question got asked on a(n) (in)famous hiking discussion website, and the guy was nearly taken apart for it. They skinned him alive, and then they made him eat his skin before they set him on fire and hanged him. Then they killed him. Seriously.

Are you suggesting we do that to Delita?  If so, I'll have to sharpen my 
skinnin' knife...

> Since you offered to buy, I'd say no...not "yogiing".
> -"Camo"
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> I am camped by a state park lake in an RV. Arrivng without anything
> cold after a long, very hot day I walked over to the first campers I
> saw and offered to buy anything cold to drink. They gave me a can of
> sprite with a cup of ice and would not accept my dollar. Is this
> yogiing or just a con? Nice neighbors.

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