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This is the most courageous honest post I've seen on the subject in years.
Kudos to your clear-eyed assessment. Truly, congratulations.
Now, all kinds of new stuff can flow in.
Best of luck on the next leg of your "journey."

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>Knowing that down there in Georgia, thru-hike-start season is in full swing
(even starting to wind down), I keep thinking, "I started, I intended to
thru-hike, I bailed when things got tough." Or sometimes I think, "I was
forced off the >Trail by circumstances" or, more honestly, by mistakes. The
truth is, nothing FORCED me off the Trail. I weighed my choices for two
weeks and chose a different path.

>I could have?continued..... I chose not to. It was a hard choice and I
guess hard choices always leave us with "I could have, should have, would
have..." --?all useless tenses...

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