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To what Hopeful said, I can only add "Amen!"

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> One of the advantages of age is being able to take an honest look at our
> own self and not care so much about what others think.  I salute you
> because, in my opinion, one of the things sorely lacking in our society, are
> worthy examples for young people to look up to and emulate. For someone to
> come across as a "super hero" is just more of the instant solution hype. For
> a person to be  thoughtful, thought-filled and honest indicates one of the
> true rules of successful living, namely, it takes a lot of living with ups
> and downs, pluses and minuses, wins and losses to achieve insight and the
> resulting balance. Young people fear inexperience, or so it appears to me.
> There's nothing wrong with inexperience, just failing to learn from our
> experience is bad. We can't say we learned from our experience without
> admitting we didn't know everything at the get-go. For you to be so open and
> honest, and to be so, in such admirable form, sets a very worthy example for
> younger folks. I salute you indeed. Hopeful
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>  Goodness, you two.... I didn't realize it was *that* good! =:-o But
> thanks. You're helping me confirm that I'm on the right track.
> MacGyver
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> Liteshoe  says "This is the most courageous honest post I've seen on the
> subject in years. Kudos to your clear-eyed assessment. Truly,
> congratulations." To which I reply, "Amen."

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