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Interesting... he's an AT hiker who had an idea and then made something out of it. The charger captures motion energy and converts to electricity for charging. No more hikers with solar panels on their hats, packs, shoulders, etc. --RockDancer
(There's a video at the link, shows Aaron talking.) http://www.wtol.com/Global/story.asp?S=12285882

EcoTrack 11
By Chris Vickers
CLEVELAND, OH (WTOL) - Aaron Lemieux of Tremont Electric has captured a new type of green energy: walking.

Lemieux says a walk along the Appalachian Trail gave him the idea of a portable and basic way to recharge electronic devices. It took years of refining, but the nPower Personal energy generator, or NPower PEG, captures walking energy.

"It's mobile human power," said Lemieux. He adds a person generates about 100 watts of electricity when he or she walks, and it takes less than three watts to charge an iPhone.

He also has plans to use his technology to harvest wave energy in Lake Erie. "We would harvest the wave energy in real time and be able to put that power on shore through a cabling system," he said.

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