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thanks, Anklebear, for mentioning this!

Last Summer Bob had mentioned how difficult the spring rush had been without his wife Pat. He said that Baltimore was there for a week or two, and he was a big help, but that since Jack doesn't drive it was still more than he expected. He reflected that Pat had done much more than he was aware of in taking care of the hikers. With no Seiko around, Pat gone, I think Bob has to rely more on alumni hikers than ever. The surge doesn't last more than a few weeks, ending roughly at Trail Days - about 3 more weeks?

I had thought of volunteering to help Bob this year, but those plans and others have been scrapped as a result of this (now) 7 month illness. I thought I'd mention the conversation to this group, partly to make you aware & also perhaps put an idea into the head of someone who has more options on how to spend their time. --RD

<<Talked to Bob Peoples tonight.  He said that he's had 14-17 hikers a night lately.  And Laurel Creek cabins, or whatever that other place in Dennis Cove is called, is closed.  They had reservations for people coming to the Bristol race, and they didn't even send out notices that they wouldn't be open.  Bob's having trouble with the overload.  a'bear

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