[at-l] Nimblewill Nomad

Linda Patton lpatton at fsu.edu
Sat Apr 17 15:20:13 CDT 2010

Just got off the phone with Nimblewill.  In case anyone's not already aware 
of this, he's going to try and finish up all 11 national scenic trails by 2011. 
This year he's planning on completing the Arizona Trail and the Pacific 
Northwest Trail.  Gordon Smith will be doing van support and they plan to 
start the AZT around the first of May.  His journal will be on his website at 

He hiked the North Country Trail last year and his book "Trekking the
North Country Trail" is just out.  It can be ordered at his website at 

We talked for an hour.  Great stuff.  Godspeed, Nimblewill.

~~ eArThworm

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