[at-l] Peters Mountain hike

Robert Rubin rhymworm at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 21:09:58 CDT 2010

Had a good hike this weekend on the AT north from Pearisburg. Great weather.
It rained, but not until we were all snug in our tents, and it stopped by
morning. Cool evenings, in the upper 30s. The trail on Peters Mountain was
covered with fallen branches from ice and snow, but few major blowdowns. It
was beautiful--wildflowers in full bloom, buds just starting to color the
trees on the ridge. Saw deer and grouse. Met one thruhiker--Little Buddha,
who started in Key West and is headed for Canada. Sounds like the snows
knocked a lot of people off schedule, waiting until the Smokies cleared up.
At the north end of the hike, someone had vandalized some hiker vans near
Pine Branch Swamp Shelter. I'm getting old and slow and out of shape. Ugh.
--Rhymin' Worm
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