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I winced in pain and gasped in astonishment at various of his descriptions of people whom I know or have known.  For me, because it was so wide ranging, it detracted from his book.  Other characters seemed to be almost the result of fantasy, like the twins and the fellow who was missing a hand.  The thought eventually came to me that Winton himself had been driven nuts by all of this.  It also made me think that I surely hoped he would never decide to write a characterization of me for the world to see.

Still, I'd like to read one sequel per year.  I would like to glimpse at the heroic in all of us.  I'd also like to hear his account of those horrible first days of 2008.  Was Mountain Crossings set up as headquaarters for the search for Meredith?  Was she someone who came by every once in a while to grab a candy bar?  We've read now of his having dealt with Gary Hilton as a customer.  I wonder if he sensed what a loathsome scumbag was standing beside him, or did GH project that image?  Obviously Winton likes to be in the thick of things, especially desperate moments, so I think he has a lot to share if he will.  

He has done much for Walasi Yi.  I thought that when the Hansens left it would probably fail.  Wrong.  He seems to be a genius.  Certainly, he did well to rope Ms Janet into becoming a part of the operation.  The whole scene plasters a big grin across my face.  I want to fill up my old Honda and go down there tomorrow.  It is like a magnet (or an addiction).


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That sounds like Model T more than Winton (though his description of Jensine was so dead-on it was embarrassing...)

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It's a good book, but humor at others expense annoys me sometimes. Some parts are very good. Read it and be your own judge. 

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