[at-l] OT: websites for photo display

Sandra Friend info at floridahikes.com
Thu Apr 22 00:32:59 CDT 2010

I started using Flickr recently to be able to embed widgets in my 
website. But for four years now, I've had galleries at www.smugmug.com 
and have been very happy with how they can be set up, black backgrounds, 
use their templates, or customize your own CSS . It comes with an RSS 
feed too. It's not free, but the basic subscription isn't much more than 
Flickr and storage is unlimited. Only difference with pro subscriptions 
is you can set up your own store and sell photos.

Here's my Smugmug site: http://www.candidtravels.com

I haven't done much with it in a while ...

Cheers, Navigator

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