[at-l] Happy b-day......

Nina Rogers Nina.Rogers at DrakeSoftware.com
Thu Apr 22 08:50:54 CDT 2010

Um ... I thought it was Liteshoe's birthday ... ?





hopeful_2003 at comcast.net wrote: 

Rosalind Suit wrote: Here is to Hopeful.....on her birthday....many
happy returns, Kinnickinic.


Then Felix says, and I quot: "Is Hopeful a woman now?? I've been way out
of the loop!!    :-) " 


Then Hopeful replies, "Uuuh .... well,  I'm still male." To which he
replies to himself ( reflecting his advanced age ) "Maybe there is more
than one Hopeful and maybe the other one is a birthday girl."

which goes to show how far out of the loop I am...I never knowed
Kinnickincincicincic Knights who say Ni is also known as Hopeful.  

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