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New IE alternative for me: Ubuntu Studio 9.1. It's a very smooth Linux distribution that runs all of my Windows programs except for IE, so far.

The main things are that it has a guided, hassle-free install, it's free, it updates all installed apps every time you boot up and the hackers aren't targeting Linux very much yet. And it's free. Oh, said that already.

I used Linux in the past and wasn't especially impressed. But my Windows XP install died and the CD was scratched, so I tried again.

Goodbye, Mr. Gates! It's been fun, but not that fun.

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What happens when you click "Sign on as another user" is that you get signed out so that you can sign on under the other account. That's according to Gmail "Help". I've never tried it since I have only one Gmail account. OTOH Gmail lets you import mail from other accounts into your Gmail and reply to them through the other account from Gmail. Check "Help" for details. Like the "Sign on as another user" I haven't done that myself but remember it from when they announced it as a new feature. I don't know of any method for simultaneously signing on to any program (including Windows) as two separate users on the same computer. Maybe it can be done but I've never encountered it.

Jim Bullard

On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 9:16 PM, Jan Lite <liteshoe at gmail.com> wrote:

 >Jan, what happens when you click on "Sign on as another user" under
 >the login when you open another Gmail window?

Hmmmm, "Sign on as another user," new words in my conscious awareness...
I will look, try and report backk. Tomorrow.

 >Oh, and "Happy Birthday!"
 >Three? Nah, I think that makes it four or five for this year! <vbg> skeeter

Yes, and I am aging rapidly this year! I need to stop. ;-)


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