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Shelly, your loan balance is about $6,300.00, any idea when you'll start paying on this? You've not sent a dime since last March. 



Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 12:24:03 -0700
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Subject: [at-l] Trip to Maine

Well... we have some dates that Michael might be headed back home from Iraq this summer.  He and I are considering a trip to Maine.  We definitely want to stop on the way up for a day at Ellis and Liberty Islands to see the museum and Statue of Liberty jumping off at the New Jersey side.  And, I've discovered this lovely B&B I'd like to stay at in York Harbor in Maine for the rest of our stay with all of our activities going out from there.  

Does anyone in that direction have any suggestions in the area for the following activities:

Logistics:  We plan on driving our personal vehicle up if I can get the transmission fixed on my van in time.  The truck is a bit harder on gas.  Suggests for rail travel?  Or flight?

Hiking: Mt Agamentacus, anyone know of any trails there?  Also considering driving on up to Bangor if time allows.

Biking: Trail or bike paths

Horseback Riding:  Would love to ride along the beach.

Lighthouses:  Definitely want to see the Nubble and I know there are many, many more in the area.

Sea Kayaking/Canoeing:  ?

Restaurants:  Looking for the unique and out of the way not chains.

While we do plan on doing internet research I really wanted to see if anyone had any personal insight into the area.


Tenacious Tanasi

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