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Mon Apr 26 21:32:06 CDT 2010

Just got back from running shuttle for my son. After dropping him off at
Fontana I came home by way of the Cherohala Skyway. Thick clouds above 3000
feet made the drive not much fun.

On the way going over Newfound Gap I picked up a couple of thru-hikers --
Gravy Dave and Kentucky -- who were shivering there in the damp cold. They
were looking for a ride to Cherokee after they had decided to yo-yo to Hot

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> Some news of interest to several people on this list: I-40 in Western North
> Carolina reopened late this afternoon.
> http://www.wate.com/Global/story.asp?S=12371714
> Unfortunately, this is not the road I need to be opened tomorrow. I'm
> picking up my older son in the Smokies (he's been hiking a short section of
> the AT this weekend) and shuttling him back to his car at Fontana.
> U.S. 129 (The Dragon) is closed by a rock slide just past Foothills Parkway
> and it won't be reopened for a couple more months, As a result, it will take
> me twice as long to drive my son back to his car.
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