[at-l] Songbirds and Lyme disease

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Tue Apr 27 08:44:18 CDT 2010

I received this today and thought it might be of interest. Science has now found that songbirds are a vector for the deer tick, and Lyme disease is confirmed to travel with the birds, not just the deer.

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Rockdancer97 at comcast.net
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> At the risk of beating a dead tick to death, there was an article in
> the North American Bird Bander (July-September, 2009 vol 34 no. 3)
> entitled "First Isolation of Lyme Disease Spirochete, Borrelia
> burgdorferi , from Ticks Collected from Songbirds in Ontario, Canada.
> Abstract
> This study documents the first isolation of the Lyme disease
> spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi , from ticks attached to songbirds in
> Ontario. Viable spirochetes were cultured from a nymph of the
> black-legged tick, Ixodes scapularis , detached from a hermit thrush,
> Catharus guttatus. Similarly, B. burgdorferi isolates were obtained
> from I. scapularis nymphs collected from a house wren , Troglodytes
> aedon. These B. burgdorferi isolates show divergent heterogeneity
> indicating that some strains originated from nearby locales and others
> from southern latitudes. Lyme disease vectors ticks are transported by
> northward-migrating songbirds, and dispersed widely across southern
> Canada. Importantly, B. burgdorferi infected I. scapularis ticks pose
> a public health risk to people and domestic animals wherever they are
> released.
> PS black-legged tick is another name for deer tick.

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