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And sometimes there are free outdoor concerts in the park in Bar Harbor.  

For a splurge, take the "carriage" ride in Acadia NP to Jordan Pond,  You then get out, go to the restaurant and have tea and popovers on the lawn.  The day I did this, it was so windy (but beautiful) that the popovers were flying through the air.

Another splurge would be a whale watching trip out of Bar Harbor.  Be sure to take layers, because even on a gorgeous day, it's COLD out in the front of the boat.  

One other Maine "must" is to go to a bean-hole supper.  Every fire station, church, fraternal organization, etc. has their own secret recipe for the beans.  The one I went to in Millinocket you got the beans, a VERY red hot dog, slaw, and some sort of blueberry dessert.  

You'll have a great time no matter what you do!


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I'd agree with those who say Acadia. There's tons of hiking and great trails. There's lots of good restaurants. We like the West Street Cafe in Bar Harbor. But stop at Moody's Diner, on Rt. 1, in Waldoboro on the way. There's kayaking. There's lots of boat trips and lighthouses, an oceanarium where you can learn more about lobsters than you ever wanted to know. Anyway, it's one of our very favorite areas. 

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