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That, or a section of the Smokies.  Only one car at the 19E trailhead this morning.  We pass it every Sunday morning, going and coming to church.  a'bear

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                      I have 5 days off for my 61st birthday, I'm retiring at the first of the year and will start an attempt at a thru in the spring.  Last fall I did a couple of days going north out of Fontanna.  What recommendations do you all have that are reachable from Nashville, Tennessee in a six hour drive.  I'll drive over tuesday night after getting off from work.  For some reason I walk almost twice as fast on the back trail as I do going out, surely it can't be the call of a cold beer!  So I'll hike out for 3 days (40 miles) and back in a day and a half.  I'll need some place safe to park my vehicle.  I do a lot of flat land hiking around Nashville so I'm looking for hills.  



  No question about it:  North out of Damascus to Wise Shelter and back. That's about 35 miles each way.... has just about all you ask for...plus, on the way back to town, you can hop on the Creeper Trail so you'll get to hike a different route!  


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