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Mon Aug 2 14:49:43 CDT 2010

The weather in the Whites over the weekend was clear, dry & mild. Saturday morning it was 40 F in Crawford Notch, the high each day was about 70 F. Great sleeping weather.

This weekend showed me that the bulk of the NoBo hikers hasn't yet arrived. Perhaps in another week or so. This season has been unusual in a few ways: the early ones are nice (to me), aren't complaining and are not hiking injured (well, except for 1). The early season at Crawford Notch isn't as much fun for me as later on in August. In the next few weeks some of the hikers might even camp out for an evening, tell me some trail stories, etc. They're the one that aren't on a schedule to get back to school, work, regular life.

Northbound this weekend:
Darwin and RoboBaggins
Tenderfoot (Tenderfeet?) - 70 year old from VT hiking with her daughter
Achilles the Red

Dr. Geo
Von Frick & partner
Picker & Grinner

All the above were at Crawford Notch. On Sunday I stopped to look at the Kinsman Notch trailhead and found Bon Chance and his partner Little ---- (forgot the rest).

Felix: Achilles the Red was among the 7 hikers we gave drinks to at the Lyme-Dorchester Road in the previous week. So he got DOUBLE TRAIL MAGIC! something he endorses!

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