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Tue Aug 3 10:51:47 CDT 2010

Felix wrote
"There are some folx who consider hiking at least a little of the Trail
in each state good enough to call a thru-hike!!  :-))))   I saw the 
Washington Mountain Road crossing two days ago myself!!!!  Pilot and I 
hit a lot of the MA-CT crossings on our way to High Point SP in Jersey 
to surprise Amy.  Spent the night in Great Barrington even, we did.  
(With Cody Girl...who is having a grand time)   So...Bo....tell me/us 
again the name of the town you're in/near. I was within a mile of Gorp's 
house and she was "3,000 miles away!!" she said. She flew home this 
morning, in fact.  I digress somethin' fierce...."

I live in the small town of Arlington (Actually West Arlington).  

This weekend in the Long Trail Festival.  I believe that I am part of the meet and
greet committee.  I will find out what I will be doing on Thursday night.  Hope to get some hiking in.


Bo Diddley

Grey Owl
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