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See URL below about a project to do a story about Grandma Gatewood.  If 
you have any info to share, please write to Bette Lou.

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OK -- I'll double check.  If you think of anything else, feel free
to send it along.  Any information about Grandma Gatewood and her
hikes will be helpful.  If you know anyone who might have
information to share, feel free to pass this along.  You can find
information about our project at:

Thanks again!


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       Subject: PS Re: From Katahdin to Springer Mountain –
       The Best Stories
       To: "Bette Lou Higgins" <bettelouhiggins at yahoo.com>
       Date: Tuesday, August 10, 2010, 3:13 PM

       ACtually - thinking back - the book I remember seeing a
       chapter about Ms. Gatewood was Hiking the Appalachian
       Trail (2 volume set) and I don't know which volume she
       was in - though I'm guessing the 1st.  But Laurie P.
       will be able to help you I'm sure.


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