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Thu Aug 12 12:31:48 CDT 2010

It was a fun weekend.  This was the first time I had gotten to the
trail since Trail Days.  It was great to hang out with hikers.  Thanks
to Rockdancer for the big tarp.  It made hanging out during the
thunderstorms much more pleasant than otherwise.

For those who might be interested, Drifter (AT 94 & 99) was the guy
who dropped off Sherlock and Circuit Rider.


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On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 11:58 AM, RockDancer <rockdancer97 at comcast.net> wrote:
> To all at-lers who requested fleece hats last Winter, and sent me donations:
> Well this was the Trail Magic that you supported last winter. Stitches and I spent 48 hours at the Crawford Notch trail-head earlier this week, from Sunday noontime until Tuesday. We met 32 hikers and went through about $75 of food. It was a chance to take out the BIG tarp with poles, the camp chairs, coolers, etc. and hang out with the hikers. It was a very nice way to spend my birthday.
> Southbound hikers:
> Deep Dish
> McGyver
> Moxie Bald
> Alfalfa
> Baby Face
> Dred (yes, two Dred's, same trailhead!)
> Plug
> Full Value
> Ambler & 15 (formerly Cory when northbound)
> Northbound Hikers:
> Marcus (cyclist from Germany, spent the night!)
> Gilley
> Ghetto
> El Jefe
> "dad and 2 sons"
> "guy & girl"
> Tequila John and Tillerman
> another "guy & girl"
> Cheese
> Cornpatch (Jersey man with the southernest accent!)
> Dred (yes, two Dred's same trailhead!)
> Kutsa & Montreal
> iTrod (see Trailjournals, nice review of our trail magic!)
> Stambler
> Tinkle & Bon Chance (met them on previous trip at Kinsman Notch)
> Monday was a day of mixed weather so it was great that we had the tarp for protection. A woman with a daypack wandered by, wanted to say hello. She works for AMC at the Highland Center. Turned out it was Squeegee from 2009! After she made quick work of Mts. Willey & Field (both 4000 footers) she came back and spent the rest of the day with us and the hikers. Nice!
> At the very end there was an unexpected appearance of ALDHA members Circuit Rider & Sherlock, dropped off at the trailhead by (oops... the guy lives near Chocorua, big hiker in the '90s, sorry lost the name!). The pair are doing the section from Crawford to Katahdin.
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